We Safeguard Your Business From Unpredictability

Enertect acts as the protector of your critical infrastructure. You can rely on our technology to shield your operations and data from the vagaries of the environment. We believe that the best way to prevent Battery and UPS problems is to monitor, detect, correct and prevent any failures from occurring.

batteries currently being monitored
over offices around the globe
dedicated working employees
hours daily NOC

Enertect is one of the few players to monitor
a wide range of Battery and UPS monitoring features on one platform

Battery Monitoring Features

Enertect monitors and measures a wide range of parameters to keep your batteries protected


Enertect monitors the battery terminal voltage of individual batteries which helps users to determine the health and performance of the batteries.

Ripple Voltage

Enertect measures the ripple voltage which occurs due to incomplete suppression of the alternating waveform within the power supply.

Internal Resistance

Enertect measures the internal resistance of individual batteries which helps the user predict the health of the batteries.

UPS Monitoring Features

Enertect can monitor all the UPS features provided by the user’s communication card


Enertect monitors the changeover status from the UPS to the battery and vice versa as it helps users to stay alert and accurately analyse the real-time site conditions.

Remaining Runtime

Enertect measures the remaining runtime of the UPS and immediately notifies the user if the remaining runtime falls below critical levels.

UPS Ambient Temperature

Monitors the ambient temperature which helps the user in detecting and preventing incorrect temperature levels, which allows for an increase in the battery life.

At Enertectyou select what you need to monitor

We provide flexible and customisable Battery Monitoring and UPS Monitoring packages as shown below:

Battery Monitoring Packages

We offer six customisable Battery Monitoring packages where you can select exactly what you need to monitor. We are one of the few Battery Monitoring Vendors to measure the battery monitoring features in accordance with IEEE recommendations, providing you with a wide range of features to choose from. To see how you can leverage our expertise, click on the link below and download the datasheets to see which package is best suited for your organization.

UPS Monitoring Packages

At Enertect, we offer three robust solutions to meet all your UPS monitoring needs. The Enertect Network topology seamlessly connects to the UPS communication card and reads and analyses the data at a very high frequency rate. We analyse the data in three ways – local monitoring, remote and centralized monitoring, and outsourced monitoring. We help you choose the best solution to improve UPS uptime, enabling you to save time and money.

Cutting Edge Technology, Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

Enertect provides you with full coverage of your battery system status, anywhere you are

Enertect Supports:

Building Management Systems
Scada Systems
Third Party Hardware and Software

Communication Protocols:

SNMP (Optional)
TC/IP (Optional)

Communication Ports:

RS 485
RS 232 (Optional)